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Got our puppy Reuben and we are overjoyed, we love him so much. He chose us and are so lucky to call him ours. Sweet, lovable smart little puppy. Drove 1 hr. 45 min to get him and ride home was perfect. Highly recommend Ozi Home Australian Cattle Dogs and the breeder Gerald Horst was amazing, kind and very responsive. So happy to have our fur baby. Thank you so much.
Herman Miller
We Bought our puppy for our son. We picked the one we saw on the page and contacted the breeder and she said he was still there. She said that 3 families have come for him and then picked another puppy. I think he was meant for us.. we almost picked another one but his face was too cute to pass by! So we decided to take him! He is now 7 months and he is the sweetest and so smart!!
Sheila ulmer
We picked up Lucy from Elmer Zook in Ephrata Pa. on May 17th. We have been looking for a baby since our 16yo passed a few yrs. ago. Penny saw Lucy on Ozi Home Australian Cattle Dogs and after a call we picked a day to drive and get our new family member. As Elmer walked out with her, we both knew had the best smiles. Thank You Elmer for this Beautiful girl, and Thank you Paw Heavens for making it so easy. Tony & Penny
Tony & Penny Chicchirichi
bought a female Blue Heeler from Ozi Home Australian Cattle Dogs David was a pleasure to work with. She was shipped from New Providence Pennsylvania out to Washington State I picked her up at the Seattle international airport at the delta Aircargo terminal on May 05, 2023, she stole all the hearts of the people there when I picked her up everyone said she was adorable. I’ve now had her over a month she is very friendly and very smart she learned to use a dog doorbell that I got on Amazon she’s doing good on potty training. She loves children a people she loves to play with children was defiantly raised around children. I am happy to have her join my family and thankful the people at Ozi Home for making it possible for me to have her and the people that helped get her shipped to me in the near future I would like to buy and ship a male puppy Blue Heeler to keep her company when I’m at work or not able be with her.
Michael Newby
John & I (Kelly) Huggins purchased Muffin August 13th. She’s will be 1 yrs old tomorrow May 18th. I’m glad that we was able to get a puppy from ozihomeaustraliancattledogs.com. She is such a joy to me and my husband. She’s our spoil little puppy.
Kelly & John Huggins
We met the Ozi Home Australian Cattle Dogs family and our new Heeler puppy, Dill. He was super cute, very friendly, and he was well socialized and got along quickly with our existing Cavachon. He was very well cared for, and has a clean bill of health from our vet: Ova & Parasites: Negative Giardia: Negative Whipworm: Negative Hookworm: Negative Roundworm: Negative He’s very much looking forward to his first haircut! Thank you, Ozi Home Australian Cattle Dogs, for caring for this little bundle of fluff until we could come and get him!
Marianne Strano

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