Australian cattle dog puppy 16 November 2023

Australian cattle dog puppy

Australian cattle dog puppy
Australian cattle dog puppy

Pros of the Australian cattle dog puppy

Australian Cattle Dog puppy is loyal and loving family pets

They are incredibly courageous and protective

They are known to be good watchdogs

They are highly intelligent and in the right hands and environment easy to train

They are one of the most “natural” breeds and therefore healthy dogs

They are low maintenance on the grooming front and rarely have a “doggy” smell about them

They excel at all sorts of canine sports including agility and obedience

They are best suited to people who are familiar with their needs and who lead active outdoor lives


Australian Cattle Dog puppy need a tremendous amount of exercise and mental stimulation

They are not the best choice for first-time dog owners

They like to “nip” to get things to move along which includes the kids

ACDs are incredibly territorial

They can be aggressive towards other dogs no matter how big they are

They are known to have a stubborn streak in them

Australian Cattle dog puppy as their name suggests are native to Australia where they are highly prized as working dogs thanks to their strength of character stamina and ability to work for long periods of time. Over the years these attractive dogs have fast become a popular choice in a home environment not only in Australia but here in England and other parts of the world too.

They are often called Heelers because of the way they herd livestock which is by nipping at their heels. They can be wary around strangers and protective of their “family” They are loyal and highly intelligent dogs that boast an implicit devotion to any jobs they are asked to do. Although Australian Cattle Dogs make wonderful family pets they are much better suited to people who live in the country and who lead active outdoor lives.

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